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Likes and Dislikes
­ ­ ­ ­ ­LIKES: ­ ­ DISLIKES:
swimming! luring others into swamps and puddles baths When she's wet,her name is Spike.
going to the park deep in Point Pleasant's forest riding in a car (unless to go to the park) Lila unhappily riding in the car
playing with Rob Rob, Lila, and Abby with a stick being left behind sad lila
tennis balls She particularly delights in dropping them into deep holes, over cliffs, and into running water. This hole was so deep that she had to go in after it! eggs a lovely breakfast, but alas
doggie daycare among the denizens of the Canine Casbah raised voices or arguments Itchy & Scratchy with hammers
keeping potential marauders at bay barking, woofing, howling, jumping up and down excitedly... loud, sudden, or annoying sounds BOOM!!!
Generic Daily Schedule:
walk in the rainforest (Halifax)
eat breakfast in bed
play Lila with Karma (a young border collie)
nap a tired puppy
special events at the beach (with tennis ball, of course)
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ repeat as necessary ­ ­
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